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“Today I know I am an infinite being...
... it has not always been the case"

My spiritual journey

I often heard around me: "you must do this, you should not do that"... sayings that ultimately didn't work for me. I was following a path defined by others, trying to fulfill expectations that were not mine: good results, university studies, doing the good around me, etc. But I wasn't feeling good about all that. I was neither happy, nor fulfilled. I felt very limited and uncomfortable with the energy and magic this life on planet had to offer.

My body started to give clear signs of my disconnection from myself. I wasn't sleeping, I wasn't hungry, the "joy" I was having before was gone, and the diagnosis of depression came (along with several medication too!). But beyond the therapies, which didn't suit me very well, I was still telling myself: "there must be another way of living, it's not possible to go on like this!". This realization helped me so much: I asked the Universe to show me another way of living, here and now!

This is how I had my first Reiki session... and it was such an experience, such a pleasure! The anxiety that had been weighing me down began to diminish, so much that I decided to take a training to learn how to apply Reiki techniques on me, these techniques of peace! At that moment, I had my first contact with my infinite being!

A few years later, when I arrived in Switzerland, I observed people around me and noticed symptoms familiar to me, so that I made myself available to others. The feedback was so positive that it has pushed me to teach Reiki.

Yoga appeared at the same time as Reiki. In fact, the person who introduced me to Reiki was giving Yoga classes as well, which profoundly helped me to reconnect with my physical body, to love myself at a cellular level!

Today I teach both Reiki and Yoga, tools that have enabled me to be myself, the infinite being that I am! And if you're here, it's because you have chosen as well to make this contact, isn't it? So welcome, infinite beings!

Other practices that my infinite being has chosen to follow

  • Access Bars and The Foundation - Access Consciousness​

  • ThetaHealing

  • Arcturian System of Multidimensional Healing

  • The Akashic Records

  • Neurobiological deprogramming

  • Reiki dowsing board

  • A Course in Miracles

  • Magnetic deactivation and activation

Today, all these practices bring me to presence, to awareness of who I am and my contribution to the world. Do you choose to receive from my spiritual intelligence to guide you on your path?

Ask your body and if it is a yes, I am there at your disposal!

My academic journey

After a first visit to Geneva in 2008, the desire to contribute to world peace encouraged me to choose studies in international relations. This choice brought me a lot of joy, as well as the following realization: a body in peace contributes to the surrounding peace.

So I started a master's degree in ethics, in order to understand human behavior and choices. These years of study have been a great learning experience and have made it clear to me that my commitment must be through my sessions of energetic consultation and the classes I give.


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