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Rei = source, divine consciousness

Ki = our vital energy

Reiki is the union of our vital energy and the energy of the divine consciousness

Reiki is an energy that promotes peace, awareness of another way of living, with more harmony and happiness with oneself and others. This energy source is infinite and can be used to improve several aspects of the daily life:


Connection with our body

Development of our spiritual intelligence, intuition and divine guidance

Learning to receive from ourselves, from our life and its challenges, from others

Re-connection with our infinite being and our life goal

Creation of a life in connection with the surrounding nature

Development of virtues such as patience, calm, good humor, peace, courage

Our Reiki modality is that of Mikao Usui, with an adaptation and additions from William Lee Rand (International Center for Reiki Training), who developed Holy Fire Reiki in 2014.

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The session

In a Reiki session, you receive a dowsing analysis which will allow us to observe your energy level, in order to see how Reiki can be a contribution for you. Treatment starts from then on and becoming aware of it is half the road to peace.

You then receive Reiki energy through a guided session/experience.

Our point of view is that you are an infinite being and you know how to find yourself and maintain your inner peace. The path you are embarking on is there to remind you of this and will help you (re)gain your autonomy, your freedom.

A session is recommended when:​

  • You feel tired and without energy

  • You don't feel comfortable with your body

  • You feel like you're stagnating in your life

  • You lack of self-confidence

  • You feel stressed, anxious, depressed, or have sleep troubles

  • You suffer from post-trauma, you have obsessive and/or intrusive thoughts

  • You repeat abusive patterns

  • You suffer from emotional dependence

  • You feel the need to be guided and to reconnect with your infinite being, with your spirituality

  • You are looking for a more fulfilled life

  • You need an emotional and motivational boost

Face-to-face session at my place in Vérossaz
(or others, depending on the possibilities)

Online session via Zoom

Approximate duration of 60 minutes

CHF 110.- / session (excluding travel costs)

3-session package at CHF 290.-

The class

Do you want to acquire the tools of Reiki and develop your spiritual intelligence?

I am here to encourage and guide you on this path.

For each of the levels described below, you will be given a certificate, in addition to your registration on the ICRT (International Center for Reiki Training) platform - for more information, please visit the website

For more information on prices and to schedule the classes, do not hesitate to contact me.

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Reiki level 1

In this 6 to 8-hour training, you will learn to connect to the energy of Reiki and self-application.

Contents and teachings: the history and principles of Reiki, the functioning of the Reiki energy, Japanese tools, chakras, the evolution of Reiki, the self-application of Reiki

Reiki level 2

In this 8-hour training, you will learn how to practice Reiki on others and receive the symbols used to intensify and redirect energy.

Contents and teachings: the first three symbols of Reiki, Japanese tools, sending Reiki remotely, Reiki and mental reprogramming, Reiki and emotional balance, the important elements in a Reiki session, the development of a prosperous practice with Reiki

Reiki level 3 - Master

In this 10 to 15-hour training, you will learn the path of the Reiki Master, the one who asks to be guided and to deepen self-mastery and/or to share this energy through the teaching of Reiki.

Contents and teachings: meditation in movement with Reiki, liberation of attached minds, the Grid for world peace, Holy Fire energy, the symbol of Master Usui, the Holy Fire symbol, the twelve celestial planes, experiences, placements and ignitions, the development of Reiki courses, how to become a Reiki Master

Reiki dowsing

In this 6 to 8-hour training, you will learn the basics of dowsing and the use of the Reiki Dowsing Chart, created by Fernanda Courvoisier. This physical tool contributes to your experience with Reiki, allowing you to optimize and focus your energy practice while intensifying your intuition.

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