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YOGA = union

Union of our body with our soul, of our infinite being with the universe

Join YOGA!

Yoga is a method of personal development which enhances the human experience through a neutral view of the body, as a tool for evolution, calming the mind down to be in the present moment, where everything is unified, where everything is possible.

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Group classes

In a group class, everyone brings its own energy and intention, hence the richness of this experience.

Group classes can be particularly interesting to develop the “sanga” aspect, a Sanskrit word which means “community”.

Motivated? Come for a discovery session

Individual session: CHF 30.-

4-class package: CHF 110.-

8-class package: CHF 200.-

In person class:

Espace Luna, in Fribourg, on Thurdays

Le Cardelet, in Vérossaz, on Mondays and Fridays

Online from 4 registered students

Are you thinking of friends, your partner or your children perhaps? You are the energy of the invitation and you have your class as a group!

You can email me as well with your interest to connect with other interested in Yoga.

Schedule for group classes

Work in progress...

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Individual classes

Yoga unifies what was disjointed, helps us to free ourselves from internal projections on our body, on society, on any external projection.

Practicing Yoga is practicing the art of non-judgment, self-knowledge, self-confidence and trust in others.

In an individual class, we will look at and act on the needs of your body and soul. Breathing, meditation, practice of asanas (postures), ethics and application of the wisdom of Yoga will be all aspects that we will put in place, according to your request.

Monthly subscriptions (to be paid at the beginning of the month)

Class 1x / week: CHF 160.-

Class 2x / week: CHF 240.-

Time and place to be agreed

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Do you want to become a Yoga teacher? I encourage you to follow this path.

Here is the link to the training that I recommend: YogaRenew Teacher's training

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